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What is it?

Rekindling is a settlement building and management game. You are tasked with rebuilding society after the ZTD virus has taken over and turned the masses into mindless creatures. Build, Harvest, Mine, and Fight with your survivors to build a sustainable society and take steps towards finding the cure!


- Randomly generated Worlds

- Full research tree

- Dynamic survivor needs/traits

- Custom scenarios for survival

- Steam workshop

- Over 100 Items/Buildings to build

- Zims.. Lots of Zims

-Online Multiplayer 

How long will it be in Development?

We are currently doing updates every other week sometimes more often sometimes less often. We will keep doing these updates until we feel the game is getting close to what we envisioned. This should be around late 2021 for the 'full release' However we will still do updates beyond the 'full release'

How can I get involved in the early access? 

That is easy! Go grab a copy on Steam or and join our Discord. We are always looking for ways to make the game more fun from feedback from the community

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