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Update history for Operation Zeta.


Content update one! Three new playable characters, tons of new NPCS, quests and more!

All Platforms:

-Added 40+ New NPCS

-Added tons of new quests

-Added new random events.

-Added new puzzle type of 'defender'

-Added 3 new Playable Characters: Oottoo, Goo & Waylynn

-Upgrades now say what they do when they are selected

-Added new Meow skin Teaspoon The 'cow' cat type

-Added custom meows for some meow skins

-Grappling hooks will now react more to gravity

-Button Text is bigger on the 'follow the leader' puzzle quests

-B/back button will now go back on menu screens

-New characters will now have the 'new' icon above them if you haven't ever played with them before

-Fixed NPCs for capture quests attacking you

-Fixed ship parts being able to be 'yeeted' out into space never to return

-Fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes in the quest texts

-Fixed bug where the big ship would show on the mini map for meows 


-10 new Steam Achievements 


-10 new Xbox Achievements worth 200 gamerscore


General Fixes, Removed extra excessive autosaves, Improved performance with lots of lasers.

All Platforms:

- Improved performance with large amounts of lasers on the map at one time on lower end devices.

- Improved the Auto save to not double save and only save when really needed (reduced it by 700% in some cases)

- Changed lasers to explode when leaving the map.

- Fixed letting the player fling their small ship off the map.

- Fixed bug where starting chat boxes could be weird.

- Fixed rare layering bug with lots of lasers on the map.


- Fixed some misalignment of complete game summary text on some resolutions.

- Removed a debug key that was left in.


- Updated tutorial panes to only use Xbox buttons in the pictures.

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