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Fact sheet:​


SFS Studios LLC

Release Dates:

PC/Steam: 1/14/2022

8/24/2020 (Early Access)   

Xbox One/ Series X/S : 1/14/2022

Switch: 3/4/2022


$9.99 USD


ESRB: Everyone 10+

Store Pages:





Operation Zeta is a space action game. The great battle codenamed 'Operation Zeta' has been lost. Your ship is in shambles and you have to act quickly to collect all of the parts and repair your ship before the warzone is completely destroyed by the enemy's death laser. Play and unlock 13 playable characters from space monkeys to mischievous slugs each with their own unique set of skills and challenges. As well unlock new abilities and upgrades with credits you earn during each run. Each time you play the universe is randomly generated with random quests from wacky local aliens who have stolen the parts of your ship. All in a physics based battlefield, but beware as you only have ten minutes until the death laser fires! 


  • Survive in a randomly generated map.

  • Play and unlock 13 different characters. From space monkeys to sentient slugs. Each with their own ship to build and ways to play.

  • Upgrade your characters between runs to become more powerful.

  • Solve puzzles and fight enemies in an exciting gravity environment.

Screenshots & Trailer

Branding Images

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Brief History of the Studio and game:

SFS Studios LLC is owned and operated by one person, That's me Benjamin Thurston. I started making games way back in 2011 when I was in high school when I came up with my first game concept. Inevitability. It was a spaceship building game that took place in a wacky universe with intelligent apes and slimy slug creatures. I continued working on my games on the side using XNA/Monogame until 2014 when I launched Inevitability on my site. A year later Inevitability launched on Steam with constant updates. I made games with SFS on the side while I saved up money as a web developer with one goal in mind. Be able to make my games full time. After our second game's release on Steam (Rekindling) I was able to quit my job and focus full time on my next game. Operation Zeta in 2019. It was to be in the same wacky universe I fell in love with creating with Inevitability, with a action rouge-lite twist! OZ launched into early access in August of 2020 on the 5 year anniversary of Inevitability's Steam release. After a year and a half in early access on Steam Operation Zeta will be coming out on Steam and Xbox on January 14th 2022! 

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