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Fact sheet:​


SFS Studios LLC

Release Dates:

PC/Steam: 9/22/2022

Google Play : Q4 2022

Apple App Store: Q4 2022



Store Pages:



Mutate and battle a collection of super cute goos in Goo Gladiators. Grow your team and fight others online in strategic auto-battling arenas. Form 'Goo Gangs' with your friends and rise up the leaderboards to become a 'Goo Master'.

Journey to the far reaches of space in this free to play auto-battler. Experience arenas across the galaxy, where Queen Glob presides over the Goo Games. Enter the games, and evolve gladiators that were born and bred for victory!

Begin your adventure with a pair of starter goos. With each victory, gain items that will help you mutate your cast of goo friends into true gladiators.

Each goo has their own powers and drawbacks! Pair your goos wisely to find the best combinations of goo types to rise up to the top of the leaderboard and become a Goo Master!

Form groups with your friends and play online in asynchronous battles where you can take all the time you want to plot your next move. Collect 'Goolah' to level up your Goo Gang and become the most decorated gladiators in all of the galaxy!


  • Play online in asynchronous battles. 

  • Mutate your minions into a large selection of unique goo creatures

  • Form 'Goo Gangs' With your friends  

Screenshots & Trailer

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Brief History of the Studio and game:

SFS Studios LLC is owned and operated by one person, That's me Benjamin Thurston. I started making games way back in 2011 when I was in high school when I came up with my first game concept. Inevitability. It was a spaceship building game that took place in a wacky universe with intelligent apes and slimy slug creatures. I continued working on my games on the side using XNA/Monogame until 2014 when I launched Inevitability on my site. A year later Inevitability launched on Steam with constant updates. I made games with SFS on the side while I saved up money as a web developer with one goal in mind. Be able to make my games full time. After our second game's release on Steam (Rekindling) I was able to quit my job and focus full time on my next game. Operation Zeta in 2019. It was to be in the same wacky universe I fell in love with creating with Inevitability, with a action rouge-lite twist! OZ launched on Steam Xbox and Switch in Early 2022. However we also had something in the works as we were winding down development on OZ in 2021, Our next game Goo Gladiators. We hired two amazing artists to help bring this game to life. This game would be a more chill addition to the Inevitability universe with free to play online action and cute Goos! Goo Gladatiors will be coming to PC and Mobile later in 2022.

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