Destroy planets block by block

4 Different alien races and 7 factions to choose from. Each with their own unique quest line.


  • Developer: SFS Studios
  • Release Dates: ​8/8/14( 8/24/15(Steam)
  • Platform ​Links: Steam
  • Price: $4.99 USD
  • ​File Size: ~500MB​​
  • Social Links: FacebookTwitter, Youtube
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Key Features

Fact Sheet

SFS Studios is a independent game developer that has roots all the way back to 2010. Every aspect SFS is managed and operated by a single man who hates to sleep. The man who hates to sleep had an idea for a space game he wanted to make back in early High School and taught himself to code and do art to make it a reality. After countless re-codes and re-draws from nearly scratch the man who hates to sleep now has a full space game that is pretty cool. He is now a Junior Computer Science major studying at Georgia College and State University. This man has dreams of one day being able to work on his games for a living and I hope you can help make that a reality! 

Inevitability will be worked on for far into the foreseeable future with some huge content updates planned for fall 2015 through late 2016. The community can currently upload their ships in the game build menu and the best of these will be added to future versions of the game, this will always be a part of the update process. If there is enough interest we are looking into some really big things down the road.

Images/ Videos

​​Dynamically build ships and stations from a selection of over 80 unique parts to explore a massive randomly generated universe

Other Promotional Art

​in depth ship simulation from fuel and power consumption to life support and drone bays

​​Lively universe where every action affects your

standing with the different factions 

The Future

The Past

Inevitability is a top down 2D spaceship building and exploration game. You are plunged into a randomly generated galaxy where you must pick a side between four races spanning seven different factions. You start out with just a measly mining probe and a space station and need to amass a wealth of parts in order to conquer the galaxy in the name of your faction. The factions vary from slime based blobs who are extremely economic, to tribal hyper evolved Chimpanzees, who are very warlike. Build your ships and stations from a selection of 80+ different parts that you must discover before you can use. Be careful where you place your parts, as Inevitability has dynamic destruction. What this means is if a part loses connection with the core of your ship it will fly off and can be captured by enemy ships for scrap. 

Inevitability gives you many different options on how to play and allows you to easily do rule how you want. If you want to be the space pirate scourge of the galaxy killing every ship you see or you want to be peaceful and trade/mine for all your parts you can do that to!